Membership packages

Movement and tea
Get the best of all worlds with our combined Movement and Tea package. For just $100/month, you get full access to the Studio and unlimited tea at the Stick Joint Teahouse. Come for morning yoga and stay for afternoon tea! Do it four times a week! Do it seven times a week! Dance around and drink tea until you can't even take it anymore. Kaleidoscope is here for you.

Movement only
Just can't get enough of that Pigeon Pose? Need one more hour of freeform interpretive dance? $80/month gets you access to as much movement as you can handle. Come play all month long!

Tea only
Have a thirst that can't be slaked? Let the Stick Joint Teahouse try to satisfy you with unlimited tea service for $35/month. Anytime the Teahouse is open and you need a hot, delicious cup of wonderful, just give the secret sign (or show your membership card) and settle in with however many pots of tea you can drink. 

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